Flamenco Jazz Guitar - Chema Vilchez

Publicado en Vídeos musicales

Flamenco-Jazz. Chema Vilchez with Jeff Ballard, Dominique di Piazza, Tino di Geraldo, Curro Piñana, Gyan Singh, Damian Erskine, Miguel Angel Orengo. Excerpt from "Land of Three Cultures" Chema Vilchez next album. Fragmento de "Tierra de las Tres Culturas", próximo disco de Chema Vilchez. Land of Three Cultures is a mixture of differents styles ans musical languages: Jazz, flamenco and world music. Is a musical reflexion of an extraordinary an unique period of time in which christians, jewish and muslims lived together in peace. This invites to reflect on tolerance and multiculturality. In the same way this project joins differents artistic tendencies and musical languages, it also wants to represent hope in peace between different cultures, taking as a starting point this unique period of the history of Spain.

Tags: Tres Culturas

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